Take Care of your blinds!

A guide to taking care of the most commonly missed place when cleaning.

Blinds are often easily forgotten during regular cleaning routines. However it is vital that you regularly clean them! You may have noticed some before and after images of blinds during a cleaning project on our Instagram. The difference is incredible- these were once covered in dust and dirt ( over a year’s buildup) but were restored to look like new!

A lack of cleaning around the blinds can lead to a buildup of not only dirt, but also many potentially harmful microbes. The buildup of dust can have serious consequences for people with lung and asthma problems, allergies and dermatitis. The buildup of dust is common anywhere, but this can be easily controlled with regular cleaning. Cleaning areas that are often missed or hard to reach may be a difficult and therefore stressful job but, with the
help and advice of our Your Castle Caretakers team, cleaning your blinds can be easy and fun!

A 'before' photo from one of our recent cleaning projects
edited after blinds
An 'after' photo from one of our recent cleaning projects



Make sure you use a cloth or duster to wipe regularly – we recommend once a week!


If you see your blinds have had a larger buildup of dust or dirt, mix warm water with dilute heavy duty cleaner. Wet your cloth in the solution. Next, carefully wipe them to clean. You can dry the blind with a dry cloth once finished if you feel this is necessary.


Don’t forget the rope and top of blinds and make sure you clean thoroughly between them rather than just the surface nearest to you!