Do you know all the hazard symbols?

Recognition of hazard symbols is essential for safety and good health. Not following instructions properly or careless usage of products can have dire consequences on workers- affecting both themselves and the people and environment around them. This is why thorough understanding of all hazard symbols is essential. We have compiled a quiz of just a few of them for you to test your knowledge…

The quiz:

Welcome to our 'Hazard Symbol Recognition Quiz' ! Knowledge of hazard symbols is essential for safety and and good health. We have added a few questions on just a small amount of these symbols but make sure you know them all! Good luck!

It is essential that you keep going over and reminding yourselves of what each symbol means, as well as the consequences it causes. For example, a product may have a ‘hazardous to the environment’ label-how can you dispose of it in a safe way? If a product is flammable, can you use it in all rooms that are being cleaned? Is it safe to use in a science lab? What measures can be taken to control safety? If you have questions on safety hazards and labels you should ask your manager for help or alternatively, visit :