Although commonly sold and used for household and commercial cleaning tasks, bleach is hazardous to both your health and the environment.

Your Castle Caretakers Ltd is sharing some easy, eco-friendly and safe alternatives to bleach for cleaning around the home.

What is bleach and what is it used for?

Bleach is commonly a dilute  solution of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) and is commonly used for disinfecting, whitening and sanitising. It is also effective for sterilisation of equipment such as hospital equipment. It is also commonly used in household cleaning tasks such as laundry, stain removal and sanitising of floors and surfaces. 

Although it is efficient at sanitising and whitening, there are some potential risks associated with the use of bleach. For example, should bleach and ammonia mix, it releases chloramine gas. These fumes may cause discomfort, or cause harm to those with asthma or respiratory-related problems. It can also damage the lining of the oesophagus.

Additionally, bleach is a corrosive substance. This means that it can corrode surfaces and tissue when it makes contact. This includes your skin. Especially where skin is sensitive due to injury or scarring.

As a company, we do not promote the use of bleach yet many individuals still choose to use the product at home so, if you do decide to use the product, remember:

  1. ALWAYS read the safety label before using any detergents or chemicals
  2. NEVER mix chemicals. Store bleach safely in its original container, in a cool dry place, away from any oxidising materials.
  3. Dilute the products according to the usage guide which can be found on the safety label.
  4. Wear the appropriate protective equipment (gloves, safety glasses, clothing protection) when using bleach
  5. Ensure you have sufficient ventilation in the room when using any chemicals.

The alternatives:

Baking Soda

Can be used in a similar way to hydrogen peroxide to whiten clothes - add directly to the drum rather than the dispenser this time though.


Mix 100ml vinegar with 250ml warm water and a few drops of dish soap to provide a general cleaning detergent for wiping surfaces and cleaning areas such as countertops in your home.


Also known as melaleuca oil, it can be used as a furniture cleaner/polish when mixed with warm water. It is toxic if ingested though so remember to store away from children and seek help from a medical professional if ingested.

Hydrogen peroxide

Can be used to whiten clothes - add 150-250ml to your wash load through the dispenser to whiten. Can also be used as an extra cleaner when diluted with water-for example to spray onto a grill before cleaning with detergent.