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deep clean

We have decided to share an insight into one of the deep clean transformations we completed this year. The school had undergone a full refurbishment of their heating system, which left a lot of dust and debris on the various surfaces throughout the building.


The refurbishment left surfaces dusty and in need of some serious attention. In addition there was also a lot of build up in hard to reach areas from lack of deep cleaning and the use of improper cleaning techniques. In order to restore these classrooms to a high standard, more time was required. Below are some ‘before’ photos to give you an idea of what type of dirt we were dealing with:

What did we do?

To get the project underway, some cleaning was done while the builders were finishing off. This included removing large chunks of debris from ceiling tiles to screws, insulation and everything in between!

We sent out a team of 7 to begin with. The team was split up into groups of 2 and 3 and each tackled one room at a time. Once in each room, the pairs would split work between them including: window and blind cleaning, dusting, cleaning chairs, vacuuming and mopping.

After everything was cleaned, the boxes and materials, tables and chairs were put in place ready for the start of the school term. The cleaning took approximately three days. 

(Did we mention the work had to be done on the bank holiday weekend before school reopened?) Our team in one word – DEDICATED! -. Both to the company, but mainly to our customers and the young minds who would inhabit these classrooms for the year ahead.

The finished result: