A day in the life of a cleaner: End of term deep clean

deep clean

Over the spring term holidays, our team was tasked with deep cleaning 6 classrooms and their adjoining corridors and toilets. This included a full carpet clean and thorough floor scrub in hallways. Our staff was trained to correctly use rotary floor scrubbing machines and extraction carpet cleaners in order to provide the best service possible.


When we start a job like this it is usually the case that classrooms tend to be over-full and somewhat neglected. Dust accumulation on toys and shelves is usually the main problem. And with access directly into play areas, carpets are usually in dire need of cleaning. This is often one of the most demanding aspects of a deep clean. Additionally removing sticky residue from walls and windows, as a result of tape and blu tack can be a challenge. We don’t recommend using these products on windows or directly onto walls as they become harder to remove the longer they are stuck on. They can easily make a classroom look untidy and in poor shape.

What did we do?

In order to be most effective we split our teams into two groups of three for each classroom. Not only do smaller teams support covering more area in a shorter amount of time, but it means that we can continue to maintain social distancing and other COVID-19 guidelines.

We always start by disinfecting and wiping surfaces to remove microbes and dust. All areas are given attention, this includes individual trays in shelves and cupboards to remove pen marks, stains and residual dirt. Next, all chairs are sprayed with heavy duty cleaner and scrubbed to remove built up did and to restore the chairs to a clean, fresh appearance.

Where there is sticky residue, we use the ‘De-solv-it sticky stuff remover’ to break down the solvent in the residue so it is easier to remove.

Finally, after individual furniture, sinks, walls and windows are cleaned, we vacuum the carpets to remove surface soil to prepare for the extraction carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is conducted using a hot water extraction carpet cleaner and detergents.
We recommend a robust schedule of daily cleaning that incorporates regular projects. That way a high standard of hygiene can be maintained at all times.
(More on that next time!)