What is it like to work for Your Castle Caretakers?


We often share our employee tips, tricks and advice but today, our plan was to give you a detailed insight into life at Your Castle Caretakers Ltd. Whether you are looking to apply for a job, or are just curious about what working here as a cleaner is like, we have all the information you need!

What does the job involve?

Jobs themselves vary based on shift patterns, locations, and customer requests. Some people choose to work part time at one location whilst others decide to work across a variety of locations throughout the day. The work itself is quite similar though: at each location, tasks are divided by section. For example, when working at a set school, it might be your job to clean year 5 classrooms and bathrooms, the library, and the corridor. Supervisors are there to train you in initial stages and support you in your work, but you have the opportunity to be independent and develop your time management to finish these tasks by the end of your shift. Your supervisor will always aim to give you the right amount of work so you can finish on time without stress or rushed cleaning.

What is the work environment like?

Each location has a unique work environment as each person has different ideas, personalities and relationship building skills. We aim to offer our employees a positive, supportive, and busy working environment. We offer support to all employees from supervisors, managers, colleagues and our operations team so that employees can benefit from their experience at Your Castle Caretakers Ltd. Our supervisors and managers are trained in leading a team, supporting employees, safeguarding, what to expect, and how to work with individuals as well as teams. We want our colleagues to develop teamwork skills as well as self-discipline, adaptability, and confidence. If there are any struggles however, our team is flexible and will work to support individual needs.

Is there an opportunity to make friends?

‘I have made so many connections and friends whilst working at Your Castle Caretakers Ltd – I really have made friends for life here.’ – Edyta. 

Work isn’t just about completing tasks, it also includes the people you meet, the things you learn and the things that you gain from the experience. Friendships with co-workers can make your job more enjoyable and you can feel more secure and confident. Your team is going through the same triumphs and difficulties as you are so you know that there are other people who understand your struggles and can help you overcome these. And sometimes, it’s just good to have a laugh with friends to improve your mood at work.

Do you want to join our team? Contact us directly to find out if there’s an opportunity for you!