How have we reduced our carbon footprint?

With the rise of carbon emissions, it is increasingly important that as a company and as individuals we do everything we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. There are several ways that we can do this. Here’s what we have done to make our workplace more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


We have taken our offices virtual! With hundreds of cloud-based services we have digitised our data collection and record keeping systems including our HR, Administrative and Finance functions. By using these platforms we can create, store and share documents and connect with colleagues online. We have successfully managed to shift to a 90% paperless workplace with the help of services such as Sage One, IRIS HR Professional, Aidaform, Google Docs, Outlook, One Drive Microsoft Teams and many others.

2.Encourage walking, cycling, public or shared transport.

By accessing public transport or car-sharing we can all contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gasses. 5 people travelling in their own petrol cars equates to approximately 0.9kg CO2 / pass Km, if all 5 people shared a car to work, this would be reduced to approximately 0.18 – a significant difference!

Keep in mind though, that current restrictions as a result of COVID-19, don’t allow for carpooling. But in the meantime, and wherever possible try to contribute by walking, cycling or accessing public transport, every bit helps!

3.Stop using disposable bottles and items.

It’s not easy trying to reduce plastic waste while trying to control a pandemic. However, we have encouraged the schools we work with to use refillable dispensers for products such as sanitiser and hand soaps rather than disposable plastic pump bottles. This significantly reduces plastic waste. Not only is it better for the environment, but it is cost effective as well.