Why cleaners deserve respect

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Some of you may have heard about the latest controversy regarding the way HSBC cleaner Julie was treated by her manager.(If not, you can find out more here). We want to share with you just a small snippet of some of the reasons why cleaners deserve respect.

1. They work tirelessly to provide a clean work or learning environment

A clean environment is essential for good health and safety. As particulates, dust and microbes can collect on surfaces and furniture, they can pose a threat for those with respiratory conditions as well as to machinery and electricals. Without good cleaning, those with asthma, allergies, emphysema etc. may not be able to work and even those that are healthy will be at risk of a variety of infections and conditions.

2. They save time...

Think about how much extra time you would have to spend at work if you had to wipe surfaces, empty bins, wash windows, floors, blinds and desks. Cleaners’ work often goes unnoticed when, in reality, it is vital to improving everyday life for facility users and the environment.

3. They go the extra mile

Most cleaners take pride in their work and will ensure all tasks are completed every day. Many will even do more than is required. For most cleaners they work not only for a paycheck, but to make a positive contribution to their work environment. That often has positive wider implications for the natural environment too. Cleaning is physically taxing, and despite what many think, it is a job that requires skill and training.

4. They are experts at what they do

We aim to train our cleaners to have a clear understanding of their responsibility so that they can deliver the best service possible. Training includes a thorough understanding of floor types, carpet fibres, use of equipment as well as other specialist fields such as deep cleaning and infection control.

And most importantly...

5. They are all human too

As Julie explained in her letter: ‘In a world when you can be anything, be kind’ .  

We believe in the golden rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. We all want to be considered for who we are as individuals and not only for what we do. Remember that beyond work cleaning staff are also moms, daughters, children, teachers, artists, carers and much, much more.
Next time you see a cleaner hard at work, take a moment to think how different your workplace or school would be without them. And remember to show you appreciation for your cleaners!