Make cleaning fun!

make cleaning fun

Despite everyone loving to have a clean home, not everyone enjoys the actual cleaning. However, this will no longer be the case when you check out our tips on how you can make cleaning more fun!

1. Play some good music

During deep cleans, our cleaners never work without music! All you need is a good cleaning playlist that works for you. We find the best playlists are full of upbeat music that everyone knows and can sing along to! Music is known to reduce stress and create a positive atmosphere which is perfect for your cleaning sessions!

2. Don't clean alone!

As the saying goes: ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’. Cleaning on your own can seem  mundane or overwhelming as you find yourself struggling to balance the tasks at hand. With a friend or family member cleaning is both fun and fast as you find yourself finishing all the tasks much quicker than you would have if you cleaned on your own.

3. Challenge yourself

Setting challenges and goals for activities is proven to be effective to increase engagement and enjoyment. This applies to cleaning too; set yourself challenges such as: how many mugs can you wash in 1 minute? 

4.Work out a clear schedule

The feeling of being overwhelmed by masses of cleaning is usually the main culprit at deterring people from cleaning. Create a clear day-by-day cleaning schedule to allow you to separate tasks into manageable chunks. You can find a guide to decide how often you should clean set tasks here.

5. Reward yourself for the hard work

Reward yourself with a relaxing bath in your freshly cleaned bathtub or a lounge in your clean bedroom. This will highlight the difference your cleaning has made as you begin to feel calmer and happier in your now spotless environment. Cleaning is a learned-skill, it may not be natural for all of you but as with learning anything, you will improve with practice. Improvement is the perfect reward for the hard work you have put in. Keep going!