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As we slowly emerge out of lockdown, it is important to be aware of some of the struggles present for some when returning to the workplace. These can include problems coping with stress and mental health. Or commonly feeling overwhelmed as one enters a busy work environment instead of the home.

1. Encourage thoughtful use of breaks

Encouraging employees to use their breaks to reflect or relax can be a great way to improve wellbeing on both a day-to-day scale as well as long-term. This can be done through encouragement of remaining active through methods such as walking, jogging or exercise sessions during communal breaks. Conversations with co workers and team activities can also be be a good, simple ways to support your employees. This can help employees occupy themselves with fun activities. It also allows a team to thrive as they work together to get to know each other beyond the work project itself.

2. Teamwork is key

A harmonious team is essential to improved wellbeing and a positive attitude at work. We suggest trying various team building exercises – especially when a new team has just been created and employees aren’t familiar with each other. This can boost confidence for employees so that they feel comfortable with their team and can feel confident to bring up ideas or difficulties faced in a project.

3. Communicate

Communication is one of the best ways to understand what your employees are struggling with and what their needs are. It ensures that employees feel secure and heard in the workplace and know they can receive support if and when needed.

4. Ensure employees know what support is available

If you have any form of support schemes such as an EAP, guidance counsellors, or access to useful information, it is key that employees are aware of it! When someone is struggling, it may be difficult to find help so, having information regarding support available to employees can be crucial to helping and improving wellbeing. You can find some useful resources at:

5. Assess what strategies are working

Over time, new resources may be published, and you may find some strategies worked better than others. As with anything in a business, evaluation and reflection is a necessity. We advise an annual analysis of strategies and resources to ensure all your information and plans are up to date.