Updates from our latest projects!

Summer holidays are always filled with life at Your Castle Caretakers Ltd. There are plenty of busy projects to work on and always a strong sense of pride and dedication- as well as lessons learnt from possible mistakes! And, since we all learn best from experience, we thought we would share with you our top tips for painting and cleaning, based on our most recent work.

1. Always lay down cover sheets when painting

We found this particularly helpful during large painting tasks due to the large amount of time it saves when cleaning! It takes 2 minutes to lay down a sheet that can save hours of cleaning.  The sheets need not be expensive either, any sheet that covers the floor will be suitable. Should any paint end up on the floor it is best to clean it immediately! You can see more about how to remove paint stains on our recent Instagram post.

2. Good quality products are key

We found this particularly important when using masking tape. Our aim was to cover window edges to ensure no solvent-based paint ends up staining windows; however, for this to be successful it was crucial to have good quality masking tape. In other words, tape that stuck to the windows and tape that didn’t allow paint to seep through. Our personal favourite was the Frogtape Painters Multi Surface Masking Tape.

3. Team-work is a must-have

On long painting projects, a good team is essential- not only to get work done efficiently but also to boost morale and keep individuals motivated. A good team and some good music is perfect for a painting job; employees helped each other and work ran smoothly as every individual knew what they were doing. As well as this, with difficult tasks it is important members of the team feel comfortable asking for help- this is one of the most overlooked aspects of team work when actually, it should be one of the most important.