How we keep cleaners safe

keeping cleaners safe

Many may not realise the number of safety precautions required in commercial cleaning companies. Dangers may present themselves in a variety of ways including: exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals, falling from heights and manual handling. In this post, we are sharing how we manage some safety hazards in the workplace. This allows cleaners, and users of facilities to feel safe and confident when working or using the premises which are cleaned.

1. Exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals

Cleaning agents can contain varieties of chemicals that are dangerous to humans and the environment. Although dosage is usually low, it is still important to follow correct safety precautions and make sure everyone is aware of these. Harm can occur via ingestion, inhalation or contact. Look out for hazard symbols and safety information on product data sheets.

2. Manual Handling

Lifting of equipment or furniture comes as part of many cleaning jobs due to the need for access to space for cleaning. Our cleaners have regular manual handling courses provided by Jangro Lms in order to ensure they apply the correct techniques and positions when manual handling is required.

3. Sharps Handling

When cleaning public or medical facilities, cleaners may encounter a range of sharp needles or tools. Therefore, it is vital that cleaners get the necessary training on correct sharps handling. Training covers: PPE, correct disposal as well as action to take in case of injury.  You can read more on the courses we undertake on our blog post: What courses do cleaners undertake?

4. Exposure to Pathogens

Particularly prevalent during the covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to ensure cleaners stay safe from pathogens they aim to remove when cleaning. Hygiene is essential in the cleaning industry, therefore training on the correct handwashing techniques, PPE and basic hygiene standards.