What courses do cleaners undertake?

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Many don’t realise just how many courses cleaners participate in to learn about and improve their job. This can include courses in floor care, sharps handling, COSHH, safeguarding and more. We thought we could inform you on some of the courses we undertake at Your Castle Caretakers Ltd so you know what courses you can do to improve your cleaning knowledege.


COSHH courses allow cleaners to be aware of and control the use of chemicals and substances that may be hazardous to their own and other people’s health. These courses inform cleaners on various chemicals, their effects on health, transport, usage and storage advice just to name a few. This information can help prevent damage to the health of all people using the area and products.

2. Floor Care

Each floor is unique and therefore requires tailored cleaning to prevent further damage.  This is key to protect flooring and ensure it is well-kept for longer periods of time. As well as this, it can reduce the risks of hazards occurring on the floor- for example, poor knowledge of cleaning a linoleum floor can lead to the floor remaining slippery for a long period of time which can lead to a slip hazard for those using the area. Information on correct floor care can reduce this risk and helps maintain floor condition for longer periods of time.

3. Colour coding and infection control

Colour coding provides an easy system that maintains hygiene in all areas that are cleaned by staff. When taking this course, cleaners learn about how good cleaning practice can reduce the risk of infection and disease spread such as covid-19 or salmonella.

4. Sharps handling

When cleaning, staff may come across a range of sharp objects- particularly in the medical environment. Sharps handling informs cleaners on how they can prevent harm to themselves when cleaning such items, for example by wearing thick, protective gloves and the correct clothing. Understanding how to dispose of Sharps is also invaluable for health and safety. This reduces risk of cross-infection of diseases that can be transmitted through bodily fluids and pathogen build-up on such objects.

5. Manual handling

Correct manual handling minimises risk of damage to the back and spine. As cleaners may often carry boxes of cleaners, or large cleaning machinery they need to be aware of the correct way to pick up, carry and put down such items. This can make a prodigious difference in the wellbeing and health of employees.

*Our cleaning staff have all gained knowledge on the themes mentioned above thanks to the courses provided by Jangro Lms. To find out more about these, visit their website here.