How to clean your kitchen equipment:

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Kitchen equipment is probably the most used yet most neglected equipment in many homes today. We have created a full guide on how one can clean kitchen equipment to make your job just that little bit easier.


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Cut a lemon in half and place it into a bowl of water. Place the bowl into the microwave and heat for four minutes. Let cool and remove the bowl. Take a microfibre cloth and wipe the microwave on the inside and outside.

Remove the ring and wash with washing up liquid as you would a plate. Dry and return.

2. Oven

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Sweep any debris from the bottom of the oven using a dry brush and remove any trays that are in the oven. Place the trays in a vinegar bath overnight.

Spray your chosen oven cleaner onto the surface of the oven, leave for 15 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth. Use a dry, microfibre cloth to dry the area and clean any remaining dirt. 

3. Kettle

Fill your kettle with approximately 500ml water and 500ml white vinegar solution. Boil and leave for 30 minutes to one hour. Use dish soap and a sponge to wipe and wash thoroughly. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Cleanipedia also suggests a wide variety of ways to clean a kettle, many of which use natural products that are lying around in your kitchen! 

4. Coffee Machine

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Similarly to the kettle, let an equal volume water and white vinegar run through the machine as though it was brewing. Rinse with water and remove the filter and pot, take these and wash with regular dish soap. Whilst waiting for the filter and pot to dry, wipe the surface of the machine with a regular kitchen antibacterial cleaner and assemble all components of the machine together.