How to budget for a painting project

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Home decor projects can often be complex and require lots of hard work. There are likely to be unexpected problems you need to overcome, or happy accidents that make your job a little easier. No matter what happens, it is best to plan well ahead and consider your budget for the project. Here are some of the most important things you need to consider when budgeting for your next decorating project.

What area requires paint?

Consider the rooms being painted, and look at each wall individually. The easiest rooms are simple, 4 x 4 rooms, but when you have any more you really need to be careful when calculating the area you are covering. Don’t estimate – you are likely to either run out or waste paint if you do and the risk you run if you run out is the shop not having the same shade anymore – which can be REALLY stressful if you have a deadline. Take the time to measure and write down the areas of each wall and add them up. Multiply this by the amounts of coat you are estimated to require and you can accurately calculate how much paint you will need. We definitely recommend setting some money aside just in case you need an extra coat, or if spills occur – that way, you aren’t buying more immediately and prevent waste, but you are also well prepared.

When to choose cheaper items and when to pay more

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying the cheapest items. Or buying the most expensive thinking it’s guaranteed your project will be better. What you need is a balance. Do your research into tools and paints. Sometimes the more expensive things do really work better –  or are easier to use than the more expensive. 

Often, more expensive items are more complex and have more settings or additions needed for professionals or big projects – if you don’t need the tools, don’t waste the money! Set up a shopping list of tools required to calculate a price to add to your budget. Again, set aside money for tools you MIGHT need, that way you save yourself from wasting money on 

How are you going to paint

The method of painting should accommodate both the budget and type of project. Some tasks, for example new infrastructure decorating where no furniture or flooring is present, are best accommodated to spray painting. Others – including most home renovation projects – may be best done with a few rollers. Choosing the correct method will save you both money and time as you reduce mess, hassle and over-spending on unnecessary technologies.

Have you saved anything for unexpected costs?

Cleaning projects are often unexpected. They may require extra tools, paint or time. For example, if paint is spilt, or if you need an extra coat of paint, or if something goes wrong and you need more time and resources to fix it. Therefore, it is crucial to set some money aside for emergencies or additional costs. After all, it is always better to be prepared!