Spring cleaning 2022

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The sun is shining (at least it has been over the past week), we can hear the birds singing and smell the aroma of fresh grass on a clear, dewy morning. That can only mean one thing, spring season is beginning! To start the season off, we thought we would share our top spring cleaning tips for this year.

Donate, sell or recycle things you don't use

As we mentioned in our many organising posts – such as ‘How to organise your closet’– getting rid of old clothes or items doesn’t mean they should go to landfill. As the saying goes: ‘One man’s trash is another man’s rubbish’. Try selling old clothes on apps like Vinted or Depop for some extra cash. Alternatively, donate your clothing to a clothes bank- not only are you making more room in your wardrobe, you are helping others in the process! With furniture or other items, you could give them to charity shops, or try to re-use them by painting or changing the structure of the item you have.

Prep your garden for summer

It’s looking like we are going to have a lovely, warm summer in 2022! That means it is likely everyone will be spending plenty of time in gardens. Prepare your garden for those calm summer evenings with friends with a little spring cleaning and decoration. You can find out more on garden cleaning in our post: ‘Get your garden summer ready’ . On top of this, we recommend planting some flowers around the garden to add a pop of colour and life in time for summer. 

Get your deep cleaning done

By this we mean to get started on those more time-consuming tasks you’ve been putting off all year. It’s time to clean your carpets, duvets, couches etc. As well as this, treat yourself to a thorough ‘scrub down’ of your house – it’s a really satisfying process! Wipe down all your bookshelves, cupboards and drawers; clean all the grout between your tiles; clean your windows and wash your curtains. Spring is often a connotation for new beginnings and a deep clean of your house can be seen as a fresh new beginning for your house too. It may also help motivate you to clean more regularly.

Take some time to appreciate all your hard work

We don’t talk enough about how hard cleaning may be, or how good it can feel once you have finished. After a deep clean like this, you have basically transformed your house for the better: your house is cleaner, more aesthetic and safer. Take some time to appreciate all the hard work you have done!