Get your garden ready for colder seasons

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Autumn has arrived but it isn’t too late to prepare your garden! It’s vital to protect your plants, pots, and garden furniture ready for the colder season. There are many ways by which you can protect your garden and ensure it looks its best for autumn.

Check your plants:

Plants require specific conditions for optimum growth so ensure you check if your plants can survive during colder temperatures. Check online or in pamphlets and bring plants indoors if they need warmer temperatures all year round. As well like this, we suggest you plant new, autumn- specific plants to bring life to your garden. Check out this guide with the best things to plant in autumn.

Protect the plant pots:

As well as plants, pots (especially terracotta) are prone to cracking and breaking during the cold. This is because water can enter cracks and gaps in the terracotta and freeze if temperatures are low enough. Upon freezing, expansion occurs which puts pressure on the pot. Repeated freezing and thawing of this water can eventually put too much stress on the pot and cause it to break. We recommend insulating your plant pots or bringing them into a conservatory or greenhouse during colder periods.

Prepare your furniture:

The main problem with cold weather for wooden furniture isn’t the colder temperatures but the fact that the season tends to be wetter. Dirt can hold moisture far better than a clean surface and can therefore increase risk of mildew and damp. Give your garden furniture a good wash to remove dirt as well as any buildup of lichen. Let it dry and place a cover over furniture that is likely to be damaged when in wet, cold conditions.

Decorate for the season:

We understand many of you may see autumn and winter as more gloomy periods due to the lack of sun and colours. But this doesn’t have to be the case! Add fun decorations in your garden to add a splash of colour in the ‘greyer months’. This won’t just make your garden look nice, it can also make you feel better and happier as you see brighter colours and lovely decorations when you walk outside.