How to clean up after a party

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So, you decided to throw a party and despite the fun you had, the terror of cleaning up in the morning is creeping up on you. A night of eating, drinking, and dancing is also a night of a lot of mess! We are here to ease that terror and help you clean up after a party with our very own party cleaning guide!

What will you need?

-Mop and bucket
Microfibre cloths
-Jangro heavy duty cleaner concentrated
-Magic sponges
-Carpet cleaning machine if needed

-Hydrogen peroxide
Jangro premium supreme washing up liquid
-Floor polish and cleaner
-Hot water
-Plenty of bin bags- 4 different colours

-Washing up sponge
-Jangro multi-surface polish
-Carpet spot and stain remover
-Toilet detergent and tabs
-Some friends to help out!

Remove all your rubbish:

Start by removing all rubbish from any areas that were used during the party. Use separate bags for glass bottles, cans, paper and cardboard, and general waste. Make sure you check all cans, cups and bottles are empty before you throw them in the bin bag. It’s a good idea to have a bucket with you to pour out any remaining liquids without having to go to the sink and back every time. After you have finished cleaning everything, take these bags to your general waste centre to avoid overfilling your bins and mixing up recycling.

Begin cleaning the main room:

As with most cleaning jobs, we recommend working from top to bottom and, after a party this REALLY means top to bottom. But firstly, ensure you ventilate all rooms- open all windows and doors to reduce odour. Check your walls for any spillages and clean lightly with a magic sponge to avoid damage. Then, check window sills and furniture for spills (these are likely to be sticky by the morning) spray heavy duty cleaner on hard surfaces and let this sit for a few minutes. Next, take a microfibre cloth and wipe, if the spill still isn’t gone, take the rough side of a sponge and brush lightly. Any crumbs can then be wiped, and polish can be added to hard surfaces to add a nice finishing look. For fabric, use the appropriate stain remover, wash and dry as suggested on labels.

Next, take a hoover and vacuum the whole area, be especially thorough with carpets as dirt can stay between fibres and the carpet could then potentially remain smelling of food and drinks for much longer. Mop the floor if suitable. If you have a carpet, add appropriate stain removal detergents, and agitate by blotting, let these detergents sit for a short while and use a wet cloth to remove the stain. Sometimes, if stains are really bad, a carpet cleaner may be the only solution.

Move on to the bathroom:

Prepare yourself with plenty of gloves, detergent, and patience. Add toilet bowl cleaner, for example the: ‘Jangro Toilet and Washroom cleaner descaler.’ around the surface of your toilet bowl and use a brush to scrub this and agitate the detergent. Let it sit for a few minutes. In the meantime, spray heavy duty cleaner on the outer surface, whilst that sits, flush your toilet, and add some fresh toilet blocks. Wipe the detergent with a microfibre cloth, working from top to bottom. Next, spray heavy duty cleaner on the sink, let sit and wipe with a fresh cloth whilst ensuring areas like taps, below taps and crevices are also correctly wiped.

Finally, mop the bathroom floor and move on to your next area… The kitchen.

Time for the kitchen:

This should be a quick cleaning task for you and a relief after the bathroom and main room. Wipe countertops and cupboard doors; wash any dishes that are left out; dispose of food and sweep and mop the floor. Use a cloth and magic sponge to remove sticky stains and remove stains with appropriate measures eg. Red wine with hydrogen peroxide and water.