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At Your Castle Caretakers Ltd, we are an innovative team of professionals, looking to give cleaning a fresh look and feel. Cleaning is very often the one area that can be neglected or go unnoticed – that is until the bins overflow or there is no loo roll!

But the team at YCC don’t think cleaning is boring or unimportant. For us, it is a top priority. We aim to keep people happy and healthy, even if they don’t know it

Our main focus is on Educational Institutions. Our aim is to help them to maintain safe, clean, well-stocked facilities that support the provision of positive learning outcomes for students, and promote a great working environment for educators and support staff.


Our team comes from a variety of different backgrounds; corporate, family-run businesses, volunteers and the public sector. Fusing together that wide range of experience has enabled us to deliver customer-focused service and cutting edge programs, designed around the needs of each individual client.

We can create a bespoke service and janitorial supply package for you that focuses on compliance and quality.

Based in Blackburn, we have operations throughout Lancashire. With your support, we hope to extend our services throughout the North West.

If you would like to know more about us, the services that we offer or would like a no-obligation site visit to discuss your requirements, please get in touch by phone, email or through our Contact Us page.

– Lionilde & the Team

  • January 14th, 2013


    I started thinking about setting up on my own.  For the last 3 years I had been working as a business consultant, handling anything and everything from bid writing to staff performance and everything in between. 


    Great experience, but I wanted something different.  I wanted something more personal, something for my family, and something I was passionate about that I could share with my customers.

  • May 2013


    I registered the company.  Initially my idea was far from where we are today.  But with some devising, and a bit of nostalgia about where my family started out, we ended up with a complete change of direction.  For years growing up, I watched my parents work their socks off, running their own industrial cleaning company in South Africa.  They called it “CLAIREN” – inspired by mine and my sister’s names (Claire; my middle name and Lauren). 


    We were always at the centre of every decision they made.  –  But this time, I was the one who was inspired!  They had great success with their business, and I wanted to build a business that was equally as successful and something they could be proud of.

  • 2013 - 2016


    For the next few of years, business was tough.  But we wanted to deliver the service that inspired our name.


    For us Sir Edward Coke’s saying rings true: “For a man's home is his castle..”.  And we wanted to be the ones who kept our customers homes and their “home” away from  home in great shape.  We had to do a lot of scouting around, some not so great jobs, but all the hard work paid off! We eventually found the niche we had been looking for.  School after school that we talked to were in need of a reliable service for the cleaning and caretaking of their facilities. 


    Having previously worked in a learning environment, I knew the importance of a clean, refreshing space where the learning and developing of minds can take place.

  • 2016 - 2019


    Slowly but surely our reputation for hands-on service, flexibility and reliability got around. 


    All our new business to this point was generated purely through referral.

  • 2020


    But as times change, we needed to as well.  With the help of a Marketing Consultant we are hoping to grow our business further, through digital advertising, social media and various other innovative marketing methods we hope to be able to take our business to the next level, where more customers can access our specialist services.


    More than anything though, I would like the slogan my parents’ used all those years ago for their business, to ring true for us as well: “Your smile is our recommendation!”

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