5 commonly missed spots when cleaning

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Cleaning your home is a task that involves cleaning a multitude of surfaces around the home. This means that it is easy to regularly miss the same spot or surface, which over time will result in the buildup of dirt and a lack of cleanliness, as well as the presence of allergens and dust. So, to make your next cleaning job more thorough, we have compiled a list of commonly missed spots around the home when cleaning. 


Blinds are commonly missed as they aren’t surfaces that are clear in your view and focus when cleaning. Dust accumulation on blinds can trigger allergies and make your environment generally unclean. To find out more about cleaning blinds properly see our blog post: Take care of your blinds!


Many people see this as part of their wall or floor rather than a surface that can collect dust. To clean these, just take a damp cloth and wipe their surface.


Doors can collect lots of dirt and stains from pets, muddy shoes, spillages and hangings. This causes doors to look unattractive and -of course- dirty. Use a suitable detergent to and cloth to clean doors regularly.


Just because you can’t see the dust doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Wipe tops of shelves and wardrobes or cupboards to prevent the build up of a layer of dirt that we so often find once we do look at the surface.


You use appliances such as a kettle, toaster and microwave almost every single day. If you are regularly using it to prepare food or beverages, it is essential that it is cleaned regularly to obtain the optimum kitchen hygiene and safety possible.